Rusty Cast Iron Dutch Oven wire-brushing and seasoning 101.

Given: An abandoned out it in the bush rusty and dirty Cast Iron Dutch Oven.
Tools: Sander/Grinder with Wire Brush.
Protecton: Face Visor and gloves (optional).

Cleaning a long-neglected old rusty Dutch oven begins with removing the rust with a wire wheel.

Note that the inside needs considerable scrubbing to clean off the powdered rust.

Then giving it a glistening coat of cooking oil. And finally baking on several coats of oil at 400–450°F.

The result is ... as good as the old new. A black shiny pot ready to be used for ages.

And do not use too much oil as runs or puddles will cook off the first time you use it. Baking on the oil gives the rough surface of the cast iron a non-stick finish. The more you use it and coat it after each use, the better it gets.

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