A few words about our American-Russian family

May 23, 2001: Bruce's
apartment in Volzhsky, Volgograd Area May 23,
2001: Train Station in Volgograd before leaving for Moscow

Eve was born in a small town in northern Kazakhstan (Virgin Lands or Tselina). She completed degrees in Textile Manufacturing in Orsk, Orenburg Region, Central Russia and Auto Transportation in Kokchetav, northern Kazakstan. Eve lived and worked in Alma-Ata and Atyrau (southern Kazakhstan), Kokshetav (northern Kazakstan) moving to Volzhsky, Volgograd Region, Russia just before the USSR collapsed. She is now a busy homemaker in Alaska and our family's self-taught web-master. Eve was a student at CTC UAF and has a goal to obtain an employment at the local government administration.

El was born in Volzhsky, Volgograd Region, Russia. He enjoyed his role as mischief maker at school in Volzhsky and excellent student. El arrived in the US in December without any English words but after 9 months he became a non-stop English speaker. He is a good student and expert mischief-maker in the local public school.

Bruce was born in Teaneck, New Jersey. He completed his education in Indiana. Bruce is a Placer Geologist and member of Fairbanks Paddlers, Tanana Valley Sportsmen's Association, Alaska Miner's Association, Alaska Outdoor Council, and the International Dutch Oven Society.

These different people met through the marriage agency in August 2000. After writing letters for 1 year they understood that they were very interested in each other. They met for the first time in Volzhsky in June 2001. Eve and El flew to Alaska and Bruce and Eve were married in Fairbanks in February 2002. They are now a very happy family spending their weekends camping in the great Alaska outdoors or working to expand their home.

August 2002

May 18, 2001:
Volgograd, Mamayev Hill May 24, 2001: Moscow,
 Red Square, Museum Guard and Church

December 14, 2001: Greeting sign December 14, 2001: Arrival December 14, 2006: Cafe Alex--celebrating Fifth Anniversary 2008, Our new addition to the family

Eve's Essays that are written for her English language classes.

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