If you are interested in searching for a wife in the former USSR, then please read carefully.

Most people think that searching on-line is an improbable and unlikely way of finding one's life mate. Perhaps, I thought the same when I started, but I had already exhausted all the ways I could think of to meet an interesting and available man at home. I started searching on the Internet with the hopes of finding someone who would provide me an escape from the drudgery of my life in Russia.

As I searched I began to see the possibility of finding not just a new life, but also to create a family with a husband whom I could love. I could go beyond the enjoyment I got from the exchange of letters. I could communicate what I was looking for in life, and seek a husband who wanted to share his life with me.

I found the search itself fascinating; hard work but fascinating. I was able to learn about another person, another country and another way of life through email letters. I found myself waiting anxiously for the next letter. Each letter brought me a new story about the unknown--about life in America. The letters were so interesting! I soon began to realize that I could find a husband. But I do not believe I would have succeeded if I had not employed the help of a professional marriage agency Alloc-net.

I searched for a husband abroad since 1999. During the time I developed a great respect for Alla Gutsulyak ( From her stories I found out a lot about America and Americans. It helped me to arrive to America better prepared. Alla urgently recommended that I study the English language while in Russia. It was not easy to add English lessons to my daily burden of work in a large factory, raising an energetic son, walking back and forth to the computer service, and the rest of my chores. I am most thankful that I did. It enabled me to communicate with my future husband when he visited Russia and has been crucial to the success of our marriage.

As soon as I came to the United States, I started helping my girlfriends in their search for good husbands. During the process, I learned that the Internet overflowed with frivolous men who waste my time and the scarce money of my girlfriends. The men have computers on their desks at home or at work, and are too stupid to understand that the Russian women they are corresponding with have to pay for an Internet cafe plus or long distance phone line fees for their Internet access at home. Average Russian women may spend 20 to 25% of their monthly income to write a few emails.

Many western men do not know that access to the Internet in Russia might be very expensive. Not all the Russians have their own computers. It is important to understand that Russian women must pay for the use of a computer at an Internet-cafe. E-mail correspondence might be a very pricy pleasure for an average Russian woman. It costs far more than regular mail.

The men who are not serious about marriage do not bring anything to the correspondence. But I support the hope of my girlfriends and I spend a lot of time on the Internet, searching for men who can make my friends' lives happy. I have huge volumes of correspondence, I translate letters, I accept and I send mails.

My husband and I are sure that the use of the paid translation service of a marriage agency is a guarantee that you will know more about partner in your correspondence. If you choose an honest translation service you will avoid confusion and a potential mismatch. It will also help avoid the deception that can occur on free WEB-pages. Read Terry's story for to understand better what is going on in the online world.

I have several years of experience with some agencies that only extort money from clients. The bases of their data consist of the people who have sent the information by e-mail, this information is not checked and nobody carries the responsibility for its reliability.

In contrast, Alla and Victor Gutsulyak (Alloc-net) communicate with every client personally before they place her or his data in their catalogue. They work individually with each client to define a circle of interests and to specify the criteria of their search. Decency, diligence and the responsibility of the owners makes their agency unique. I think that you will find the prices for services Alloc-net lower, the quality of services higher, and the desired result more likely.

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An unknown American man "Russian wife's husband" kindly published his advice How you can help your Russian wife during her first year in America? for you ( ).

In my experience, the connection of loving hearts will work best with the help of professional translators.

I have found second half of my heart on other side of the World. I sincerely hope you will find your love and happiness.

Trully yours, Eve            


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